We will take good care of your bookkeeping

Say goodbye to the worries about keeping double-entry bookkeeping and the many requirements associated with them. We will help you get a comprehensive overview of your business from the point of view of finances – income, expenses, profits, and possible losses. We are experts in:

  • double-entry bookkeeping (keeps a records of revenues and costs, income and expenses. The law imposes the obligation to keep double-entry bookkeeping for business entities registered in the commercial register – limited liability companies, joint-stock companies, cooperatives, etc.)

We know that every euro matters, which is why we are perfectionists in the field of accounting.

Whether you already have a company in Slovakia or wish to create a new one, it is essential to be accompanied by an English-speaking accountant who knows all the laws and applications in force.

double-entry bookkeeping

Whether you have a small, medium or large company, you will need throughout the year to manage your invoicing, to have an overview of your financial situation, to meet the various tax obligations applicable in Slovakia, to make the compulsory declarations, etc…

ISC Slovensko, a firm of English-speaking accountants in Slovakia, will assist you in the management and accounting of your company. Contact us to discuss your needs.


ISC Slovensko and its team of English-speaking accountants in Slovakia offers you all the accounting services you may need for the management of your business such as:

  • Complete management of accounting
  • Preparation of annual or interim financial statements
  • Communication with Financial and Tax Authorities
  • Assistance and accompaniment of possible tax audits
  • Recording of cash movements
  • Account statements
  • Monthly or quarterly balance sheet and analysis (depending on the VAT regime)
  • Income tax and VAT declaration
  • National and intra-community VAT recovery requested


Accounting represents a record and an overview of the movement of funds of business entities for the monitored accounting period, usually one calendar year.

Among other things, it is important to ask yourself the question, what is the purpose of accounting?

Accounting is paramount for the optimal management of your company. Monitors the state of the company using business-related indicators, evaluates the company’s profitability through results, cost control, determination of an appropriate selling price, adaptation to economic competition… Flawless accounting is not a myth if you entrust it to experienced professionals from ISC Slovensko.

Do you need support when setting up / liquidating a company or when changing data in the commercial register?

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